Our Promise To Our Customers

Due to many years of experience in the fields of software development, Network/system management and IT consultancy we have learned where a lot of problems and frustrations start for companies when dealing with their used software. Therefor we developed a unique approach that will keep in mind the wishes of both management and end-users. Because of this we can promise the following things about our software:

  • Scalable, future proof applications.
  • User-friendly interfaces.
  • No system downtime.
  • No more IT worries.
  • Your advantage in a more stable and faster workflow.
  • Through modular construction, easy and quick to adapt and/or expand.
  • Enthusiastic end users.
  • Fast development & innovation.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Fair and highly competitive prices.

Our team

Since 2010 Adaugeo has invested heavily in a (then) new way of working. Only key personnel is in permanent employment. All other employees are self-employed and work from their own private companies. These employees have committed to keeping an agreed number of hours per week reserved for us. Adaugeo on the other hand is also obliged to deliver an agreed number of hours of work. In this way we have been able to motivate our employees to work for us for years. Furthermore, clear agreements are made for vacation planning etc. Because our employees work together in teams, shifts and days off are mutually planned and coordinated. Replacement is always provided in case of illness or vacation. Some employees work in overlapping teams, so that problems within a team can be solved more easily. The teams are familiar with each other and work well together due to clear agreements.

The permanent employees are:

  • Davy, CEO and software architect, scrum master, employed since 2014
  • Leo, CFO and system architect, scrum master, founder of Adaugeo
  • Lysanne, Financial department, Employed since 2013
  • Thara, marketing and management assistant, employed sice 2018
  • Artem, network and system manager and head of system administration, employed since 2010
  • Avetis, system administrator, employed since 2020
  • Nicko, Lead software developer, employed since 2017
  • Alex, Software developer, Employed since 2022
  • Hal, Software developer, Employed since 2010
  • Andre, Software developer, employed since 2018
  • Yana, Software developer and tester employed since 2018
  • Dina, project manager, Employed since 2018

Data Centers

Our servers are located in different, physically separated, professional data centers. With this, we more than meet the standards required by Basel III for backup of bank data.

Here is a look at our various locations:

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Connectivity and security

The live datacenter in Eindhoven and the fail-over datacenters in Falkenstein and Helsinki are connected through multiple high speed connections, making data exchange between our servers very fast.

Because of this distribution, and our system of automatic fail-over of servers, failure of our systems is extremely rare. Downtimes, in the few cases they have happened, have been kept to such short time-spans (usually mere seconds) that users only notice the slightest of delays in their actions. Mostly they don’t even notice anything went down at all.

Software Development (Agile/Scrum Method)

High availability software applications

Adaugeo designs all its software applications in a way that guarantees high availability. Every application runs on a minimum of 2 servers on different geographical locations. The servers running the applications are constantly checked from a 3rd location for availability. If a live server goes down, the applications will automatically start running from (one of) the fail-over server(s), within 2 minutes, which for end users only appears to be a glitch or slight delay. Normally, this does not interrupt their workflow.

All our servers are monitored 24/7, not only for availability but also on connection speed, processing speed, server load and even expected problems. We also continuously check if the data on the live and fail-over servers is synchronized.

We implemented this method in our first application on February 15th 2010 since then, the system had only one downtime with a duration over 10 minutes (around 40 minutes). After that we started using different geographical locations for our servers to avoid a similar problem in the future.

We know that there’s nothing as frustrating as your primary software application being down, delaying or stopping your companies workflow. Therefore we’re always working towards 100% uptime of all applications.


All data generated, and used by our applications, are constantly mirrored to a 2nd and even 3rd data center. Because of this, it takes less than a minute for data to be reachable from the fail-over servers.

Apart from the mirrored data, we also create back-ups continuously of both, data and servers. The latest few back-ups are stored online, for maximum reachability, in case of calamities.

Historical data is kept on optical discs. To manage these back-ups both, fast and dependable, we use an optical disc robot.

Data protection and privacy

Since its inception, Adaugeo has been a big proponent of privacy, as well as a proponent of encryption and security. For that reason, when May 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enacted in the Netherlands, we already met it’s standards and had met it’s standards since 2010.

Apart from this we have been advising all our clients to encrypt their e-mail traffic as much as possible. Sensitive data is stored on encrypted file systems and we have branched out into our secure product line for extra security, like our Secure notebook and NAS systems.

Policies to protect data and privacy

  1. We don’t use public cloud storages, in case a cloud storage is needed, we create and manage it ourselves, on our own servers.
  2. Applications are only reachable through https and SSL secure encrypted connections.
  3. Development, communication and management happens exclusively through the use of secured VPN connections or direct hardwired connections.
  4. Because we work with freelancers and external companies, we have our own protected log-in server. Only through the use of that server our people can develop and manage our applications. Not through direct connections from their own places of work. These connections are constantly monitored, giving us complete insight on who is working on each server and when. No one is able to copy data to external machines. Production data will always remain on our servers during work.
  5. Everyone working for us is contractually obligated to work by our security rules and this is constantly monitored and evaluated.
  6. Internal communications are always done through our own encrypted e-mail, chat and conference servers. We do not use 3rd party servers, not even to discuss your project.
  7. Server and application management alerts are send through encrypted chat groups in which only the people directly involved in developing and managing your application are included.
  8. Incase it’s possible, all e-mail and chat communication with clients is over encrypted servers. However, the possibility of using this depends on the clients willingness to install encryption software on their own systems.
  9. For documents we have our own encrypted cloud servers, we will never use 3rd party cloud systems (ie. Google cloud, Dropbox, etc.) to store your data, or discuss or manage your project.
  10. For our agile development set up we use an internal and secure gitlab server. This is used for planning, coordinating and bugreports. This system is also used for project documentation storage.
  11. Data minimalization and Data management
    • We store only data that is needed for the applications to function
    • As soon as Data becomes obsolete (for both our application and the clients needs) it’s removed permanently.
    • Data never leaves our data centers unless in the form of management reports for the client.
    • Management reports contain no unneeded (personal) information.
    • All management reports are made GDPR compliant during development.
    • Data is exclusively stored on our own servers.
    • Data never leaves the European Union.
    • Data is always encrypted when possible.
  12. All our servers are placed in professional hosting centers which at least include:
    • Alarmsystems with 24 hour monitoring.
    • Physical access control
    • Excellent security
    • Dual power supplies
    • Dual connections
  13. All physical maintenance and repairs are executed either by, or under supervision of our own certified specialists. No 3rd party can ever touch your servers without our knowledge and supervision.
  14. Damaged data carriers (ie. Hard disks etc.) are professionally destroyed, making sure no data can be recovered from any discarded hardware.
  15. Static data that has to be kept for a long time, is stored on M-Disks. M-Disks (Millenial discs) are onetime writable discs with a maximum of 100GB storage capacity which are designed to last for 1000 years. These M-Disks are managed by our Disc robot. The Disc robot contains 500 M-Discs and can read and write 8 discs simultaneously.
  16. Between our offices and datacenter is a private glassfiber hardline connection, which provides us with a 10GBps direct connection to our own (development) servers.

New Data security and privacy measures.

  • Currently we’re implementing new modules in all our new, and most of our old applications, to give users the ability to review all data stored about them.
  • We’ve implemented new firewalls in our data center which provide 2 factor identification logins.